Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Media Catalog Search

Category Operator Purpose Description
Concept Operators AND To find documents where: All words/conditions are found
  OR   Any one word/condition is found
Evidence Operators STEM To find words that: Are derived from the search words
  WORD   Match the search words
  WILDCARD   Match search words with *,?, and so on
Proximity Operators NEAR To find words that are: Close together
  NEAR/N   Within N words of each other
  PARAGRAPH   In same paragraph
  PHRASE   In same phrase
  SENTENCE   In same sentence
Relational Operators CONTAINS To find words that are: Within a specific field
  MATCHES   The text of an entire field
  STARTS   At the start of a specific field
  ENDS   At the end of a specific field
  SUBSTRING   Within a specific field as fragments
  =,<,>,<=,>=   (For numeric and date values only)
Search Modifiers CASE To change Verity's behavior so that: The search is case-sensitive
  MANY   Documents are ranked by relevance matching
  NOT   Documents should not be found
  ORDER   Words must appear in documents in order
Score Operators YESNO To rank documents found: Equally (no ranking)
  COMPLEMENT   In reverse order
  PRODUCT   By pushing multiple hits up faster
  SUM   By pushing multiple hits up much faster